Mrs Hinch #385 Number of weeks she's been pregnant.

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Poop wonderland

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At the end of the day Ronnie seems a happy child from what we are shown and as moat of us are parents we know its not always sunshine and roses.
Children are all Individual but it would be lovely to see him “chatting away” more i would rather that than the dog sitting still. I really hoped we would see Ronnie and Rex chatting to each other but instead they put stupid music over what should be fun and laughter !
Don’t forget these beautiesView attachment 559600
I was trying to find the tweets she sent her old best friend ‘olivia’ but couldn’t. Anyway i found this, i remember people asking weather she smokes, well she did at some point!View attachment 559605
She moans about nasty trolls but this is the real Sopha, not the perfect princess she portrays to her insta huns


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Are you Twollin me #SonearSofar? But i stand by my words... Your a disgrace to animals and this Dog is about as human as one of my turds. Darwins, Evolution has been lost on you hasn't t it!! *edited typo* View attachment 559818
Jeeeeez the affection she pours over that dog is just so weird and wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️🤢 no wonder he doesn't act like a regular pet dog 🤷🏼‍♀️ makes my skin crawl 😳


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She was a right nasty pasty back in the day. Definitely not the Sophie we are seeing now. It won't be too long until old friends start spilling the tea
Oh man, not heard nasty pasty for decades 😂

Also someone suggested recently it's all fake, the marriage etc. And after listening to their podcast today I could well believe it. Just two fucking partners in business.


My home is the same! In the lounge I’ve got an entire 8 kallax unit filled to the brim with toys, toys ontop of it that don’t fit into boxes, then a teepee filled with teddies and other big toys like ride on cars/dolls highchairs/toy piano. Then a toy kitchen in the hallway, then her room is filled with toys too. It’s always baffled me how there’s never proper toys out and you can only occasionally see the one box with a few toys in! My daughter is 2 and a half and as I’m tidying she’s leaving a trail of destruction behind me 😂
Are you living in my house? 🤣 bad news it never stops got the kallax, teepee, toy piano with microphone (and recording option 🙉) as well as a toy kitchen, doll house, another smaller doll house, bunch of boxes sorted by theme my little pony, paw patrol, cars/trains, Barbies, arts and crafts etc. bunch of book shelves in several rooms, toy carpet with road maps and so many other things 🙈 clean one room and she's setting up a play area somewhere else 🤣 similar house to hinch minus the extension. Also my daughter loves to help me cooking and has since she was little, let's be honest, always ends in a huge mess but can't beat her smiles and happiness. It's always clean but never a tidy grey mess, unless I had a cleaner right behind her the whole day it would be impossible. Her friend's houses would be a same. I don't see how anyone could make a house like that look child free 🤷‍♀️
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