MOD & FOD #17 Eat, Sleep, Deactivate, Repeat.

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Not sure why the pr advice is for her to comeback with a cutesy, neighbour party, dressed as a goofy, twee school girl with her fringe clipped back, and clothes that belonged to Margaret Thatcher.
Seems odd after her painfully, Uber-cool previous looks.
Oh Clemmie. It’s a no from me.


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Been following this thread since it all kicked off but first time commenting. Anyone else find her reaction to him giving her the champers very odd. Almost like she was embarrassed or awkward. Like she wouldn’t even look at the camera! So weird
That whole footage in the kitchen was ultra bizarre. Panning to show the glasses full of Prosecco waiting for someone to drink them. Him telling her it was important she have a drink,🙄


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Fod takes glass to clemmie who is about to open oven and put food in.....she then takes glass and puts food on top of oven and not inside 😂🤦‍♀️ they could have come up with a better script....or a natural moment sharing a glass of fizz before a party surely but as it's not #spon what would be the point in that after all they are not making content for fun are they #nokidsavailable #nocashnoeffort
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