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I'm just watching it. I'm not a huge Taylor fan but like the odd song. It's definitely worth watching though, really enjoying learning more about.
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I watched it on Sunday, I’m a big TS fan and it really made me admire her even more. She came across really normal and it was great to see a more real side of her with her friends and parents. She just seemed really relatable.
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I'm not a fan but watched it, she's very try hard & a people pleaser. I felt bad for she trys hard to be normal, but the reality is she is a super star & must be very wary of people. Loved her cat & her mums dog.
I love her music. Thought the documentary was fab, though felt so sad for her, always seeking approval. Also to watch Kanye west do that, I did not realise how young she was at the time, only 17 and she did not know how to deal with it, thought they were booing her. That lead her to a dark place but what a very talented young girl.
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I never liked her but it made me see her in a different light, and I respect her more now

maybe because I wasn’t into her and never paid attention to her songs but when you actually listen to her songs, she is a pretty talented songwriter

also as she said, yes she’s calculating in terms of her moves and what she does and has to think of everything, but good for her, why shouldn’t she be? in the world of fame especially being a woman it must be hard. No one Would say anything about it if she were a guy
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