Mikhila McDaid #8 Bodget beauty mornth with her four year old bodge proof lipliner

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What a bizarre and slightly passive agressive sounding way of mentioning that her brother is having a baby. All she needed to say was that she's going to be an Auntie soon, and bought this for the baby. Instead she rambles about people reacting about baby content being boring and going on about clickbait.

After all the fuss she made about having her background for her videos when she moved the furniture around.... there's just random shit in the background and she's left her wardrobe door open for the mirror segments. So lazy.

And she's still using random crap alongside Skin and Me, she can't just leave her face alone can she?


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It was so strange when she was like some of you will be thinking I’m having a baby.
First thing I thought was she’s bought a gift for a friend’s baby! Nothing more. She was definitely putting out a feeler to see if her followers would be into that content. She’ll be making a cot out of a Kallax in no time!!

Did she not live somewhere else? Was it spain?
I think she said she was from Mexico and at the beginning of lockdown said she was unable to travel home.

That long cardigan of hers must be so grim by now esp as she admitted she’s not washed it yet 🤮
Not remotely surprised. Does it with everything she buys, wears it loads for a fortnight, then hardly seen again. Like that stripy Debenhams sale T-shirt, TKMaxx tennis jumper or the ill-fitting Asda jumpsuit and just recently that beige gingham dress.


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Why didn’t she pcr test Milo and Ella when they were ill? Lateral flow tests aren’t that accurate I know plenty of people who’ve had multiple negative lft but tested positive on pcr honestly I can’t go her anymore 😳
She said she has now at least & admitted she felt bad for not doing it in the first place.

she’s useless and typical mik didn’t think about doing it until she got sick herself too. Also if she’s not getting the results back from the postal ones why would you do 3 instead of just going to a test centre.
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