Mikhila McDaid #4 Mikhallax & Shane cant stop spending, seems like Vlogmas is never ending

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She never did show Ella’s bedroom did she? I mean she might’ve told her she didn’t want her to share it but I’d put money on she didn’t bother finishing it for her because she’s too busy buying herself stuff.

I’ve had problems with shopping addiction and impulsively buying things thinking I’d feel better for it and it’s not fun as I’d open one thing look at it think “aw nice” then order something else and repeat.

I wonder if she’s like what I was like trying to make herself feel better or she’s just like my cousin, greedy!


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Why does she need an electric blind? Seriously even with a bed in front of the window you can still close blinds easily enough.

I also thought she said she ordered some poop coloured blind?

No way is that house going to end up like the inspo pictures and I am here for it!


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Why has she shoved the blue footstool under the dining table but a new one has appeared, or has she always had that one??


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You are right, there seems to be a new leather footstool. How much shit furniture can she possibly fit in that living room? She has got to be trolling us. Also, acknowledging that her skin is looking absolutely terrible, pigmentation aside the texture didn’t look great either.

And a new coffee machine.


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Jokes aside I think she’s having a breakdown. That house plan video is just 19 minutes of worrying behaviour. She can’t finish a sentence without starting a new sentence. Slurring and twitching. She needs help ASAP
Funny you should mention slurring as I have recently noticed she isn't saying her words properly, like she's missing out letters in words. It's hard to describe what I mean really but I've definitely noticed the change.
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