Mid cycle spotting

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Hi all, I’m currently TTC and have been for approx 18 months, my cycles are a little irregular, but I do get one every month, usually around 28-31 days, never missed a period since coming off the pill.

So today is CD13 and I usually ovulate around CD15/16 according to the ovulation tests I use (clear blue digital first thing and a cheapy mid afternoon). My clear blue was low this morning but the mid afternoon one yesterday was definitely darker than the day before (nowhere near positive yet, but heading there).
Potentially TMI but I’ve just been to the loo and noticed some brown spotting. There’s not a lot but it’s there on the loo roll and I’ve put a liner on just in case.

What could be the cause of this? I did go for a walk/jog this morning but I was only out 30 minutes and jogged for less than 10 of those minutes. I haven’t ran for a while but I do exercise regularly and I like to think I’m fairly healthy.
Brown spotting is usually old blood from your previous cycle.
That’s what I’ve always been told anyway!
You can spot around the time of ovulation. If it’s alittle bit of brown it’s prob just abit of old period coming out.
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