Michelle Obama

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Are infuencers being paid to promote her book? Constantly seeing people posting it.

I like her, she's a great wife, mum and first lady. But I do think her achievements and iconic status are a bit overblown for what she's actually done.
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It's possible some of it is being pushed onto influencers (I mean what do influencers not promote lol) but I think her humble beginnings is something that is quite admirable since as she grew up in the wrong part of Chicago but ended up going to an Ivy League college and having a highly successful career before she met Barack. I don't think her achievements are overblown at all. She's definitely the rock of that family and I find her very admirable. I haven't read the book yet but it's on my to be read list in my kindle.

I also think considering the toxic political mess in the States with the current president, that some of the success of her book is due to nostalgia as well. When the presidency wasn't strife with bad news or a breaking scandal every single day. The Obama presidency was simpler times and I can't fault people for wanting some escapism or to be inspired by a good person.
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Personally, I think her accomplishments have actually been downplayed. She was actually a mentor to Barack at one point in Chicago. I think what you might be feeling is just the publishers doing their typical push to sell the book, which can be annoying af.
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Yeah I'm usually the first to think somebody is pushing something, but her book was and is adequately promoted I think without me finding EVERYONE endorsing it. Now, there's several other people I follow who have developed serious arrogance after having authored a book and they do things like not replying to questions unless it's about the book, only retweeting things about the book... etc and it's really changed them and made them ugly to me.

I haven't read it from what I've gathered I think it's legitimately a good read and maybe deserves the merit.
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She is highly intelligent, and was an excellent first lady she is also an inspiration to all people of race as a very high achiever who hasn't made it in sport or music. I have total respect for her and her book is on my "to read" list.
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