Mia Maples

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Okay so, Ive been watching Mia Maples for about a good year now, & i honestly dont like her anymore! :cautious:
She used to seem to sweet & genuine, & now i feel like she reviews anything/everything for views.... James Charles releases Sisters Apparel, Mia is buying it. Jeffree Star released new makeup, Mia is buying it. The Dolan twins release a scent line, Mia is buying it. She doesnt go to school, yet she does "back to school" themed videos....:unsure: ill never get over one of her last Halloween video where she bought a bunch of coloured contacts & STRUGGLED THE WHOLE DAMN VIDEO TO PUT THEM IN HER EYES!!!

shes just really getting on my last nerve, will end up unsubscribing soon enough. im on a search for actual quality content .....

i would love to hear everyones thoughts/opinions! šŸ˜˜

BTW, i get enough little girls trying to "tell me off" when i comes to Mia Maples, i honestly just want to know if im the only one who feels this way about her!šŸ¤Ŗ
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