Mia Jeal #10 Filler, Tattoos & Piss-Soaked Sheets, No Nutrition in What Her Daughter Eats!

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Thank you to @smith912 for the most popular title suggestion!


Carry on here ☺

- Mia is still producing half-assed videos
- Keeps attempting to prove she’s a good mother after showing Mabel waking up and sitting in a soaked sleep suit and eating it in whilst Mia was too busy doing her makeup and filming an ad
- Got a Hogwarts tattoo but it looks more like a random castle
- Copying Pinterest for other tattoos
- Gave Owen a birthday post on Instagram and he ignored it

I can’t remember anything else off the top of my head
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mia: gets a tattoo during lockdown
also mia:
Honestly, that angle does her no favours! She'll do everything to benefit herself rather than her daughter! We've seen she has quite a nice, decent sized garden so why can't she just wrap Mabel up and take her round the garden? It will also help strengthen Mabel's legs and get used to walking. Also they live in the countryside so plenty of nice walks without bumping into many people. This girl just makes my head hurt!


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just watched her new video from yesterday and ugh. idk why but it makes me feel SO uncomfortable the fact that she only did the meal prep for a video and will never do it again🤦🏼‍♀️ i remember when she only started weaning mabel she cooked her a few meals here and there and froze them but she just never kept up with it the only way she would is if she mentioned it or showed it in a vlog because i doubt that she wouldnt film doing something thats good/beneficial for mabel. for example she posted on snapchat about the meal prep but only to find out it was all for the video to make herself look good if she did it more often she would post about it everywhere but she doesnt


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Yeah, I can imagine this being even more frustrating to watch for those who live in apartment buildings right now with their children, who have so much more of a struggle trying to get out of their homes and get some fresh air without the luxury of their own garden during lockdown.
And yet here is Mia Jeal, with a comparatively huge house, and not only her own sizeable garden but, as you say, the entire surrounding environment of her countryside area to use to go on walks... (unlike those confined to more urban areas..) and she is not utilising a single part of that for Mabel.
Of course, that would be asking too much of her.

She, in every way possible, exudes privilege and complete lack of awareness of the world outside of Mia's appropriately named Bubble.


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Wow I think that Owen guy is definitely leading her on . Mia doesn’t always make the most sensible choices but if she’s speaking like that about him he must’ve been telling her something in private so now she looks like a clown on tiktok and Instagram getting ignored by him . Idk why he just gives me that type of vibe

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I wonder if we’ll see her going out for a walk or playing with Mabel in the garden in next week’s videos. It was mentioned on here about how disgusting it was that she left Mabel sitting in piss and then she’s going on about how she changes the nappy but not the clothes, and her never actually cooking decent food, next she’s vlogging meal prep.
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