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Anyone watch this lady?
She runs her own business and doesn’t post much about her personal life on her feed. But on stories she posts about family life/her renovations and house etc
She’s a small business who is using Insta as a marketing platform (by sending out shitloads of freebies to bloggers). Quite often small businesses have to show a face & story behind the brand now in order for their followers to grow. So I think it’s understandable what she’s doing however I don’t pay any attention to her personal life and never watch her stories. She seems v talented though (though I think she did a collab with Selfish Mother which is a bit off putting).
I’m jealous of MMDI house. Although it is an Instagram cliche throughout with all the usual dark insta colours, f&b paint, usual artwork. Still envious though 🤣

Is there a thread on selfish mother? I couldn’t find one? I’ll search again
She's getting a lot of freebies from coal drops yard, isn't that the second free shopping trip in a week?