Mass Demonitisation

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Have recently been seeing that YouTube are absolutely knuckling down with channels.

Just seen Nightscape, Ryan Taylor and Ally Law have had all their video’s demonetised (rightly so in most of their videos are they are disrespectful little shits who think it’s funny to ride bikes at peoples cars, jump red lights, climb other peoples property etc etc) - they are trying to justify it as they do a ‘sport’ and no other ‘sport’ channels have mean demonetised.

Also seen Nile Wilson say the same, his was using sound clips
Same with syndicate any sound effects etc used get demonetised

Apparently Mr Beast has the same and Logan Paul.

Seems youtube are having some huge crackdown.

Nightscape and Ryan are using it to push their merch as they don’t have an income stream and you can help by buying their merch.
How about, don’t live in an expensive penthouse in London, trying to buy clout when you knew youtube wouldn’t last forever and just you know, getting a job to pay your rent.
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