Mason Mount #13 Daddy, you have us wrapped around your finger, do you have to let us linger?

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We both can do it on alternate days ;)
Where are you from? (If you don't mind me asking! It's ok if you don't want to say!)

I really didn't need that mental image 🤢😖
If I have a nightmare about it I'll blame you!

I know DCL is learning Spanish too, posted some stories months ago.
Given that they all seem to love Ibiza/Mallorca/Marbella it could be useful for them to know some basic Spanish.
Phrases they need to know.
Vendes condims?
No, no quiero tener sexo contigo.

Just dropping in to be a whore but is it bad I genuinely wouldn’t mind the 7 day course of antibiotics for a night of ungodliness at this point
Unfortunately with him there is a risk it’s not only the antibiotics kind that you can catch.

Through when I got an STD I managed to overdose on the meds all at once and still get cured.

Reminds me of 🐌 not what I need to be picturing at this time of night!
I am surprised Lauren only got a baby from him and no other presents.


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I really do think Dele form drop is what Daddy might end up suffering. Strong debut season or two followed by sudden inconsistently and never being able to match previous form.


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He’s not going to be on the bench the way chilly has been and he’s Southgate’s favourite, theres more chance of me becoming his wag than him not getting selected for England
I am not so sure. Southgate does sometime drop players he adores for lengthy periods like John Stones due to lack of any club form.


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the Fluffy hair is back ladies!!!
He looked absolutely Devine tonight, seeing him play got me through a pretty rough night as I’m poorly. I genuinely thought the photo of JG in his red knickers would help but I think just seeing our smiley boy mase has done it! God bless him & his beautiful face


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Thank God I fell asleep before you started talking about 🐌. You might have spoiled my dreams.
Kepa might not have played yesterday, but he performed really well in my dream :ROFLMAO: Also, I can't remember the beginning of the dream very well but I think Craig and Mason were fighting over me. And that's when Kepa arrived and took me with him ♥

I have to work extra hours to be able to have the day off to go to Turin but...worth it!


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Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount is changing agents.

The Daily Mail says Mount is set to become the latest big name to change agents and entrust his father to handle his affairs.

Following on from his close friend Declan Rice — who left Wasserman last December to be represented by his dad — Mount is also set to give responsibility for his business affairs to Tony Mount.

The player has been with the Stellar Group.

The move can be seen as a sure sign Mount is happy with his career at Stamford Bridge.

Not good news - Family agents seem to always make things worse for their players. Look at how awful Kane‘s brother was all summer and Dec’s dad was widely seen as directly briefing the Telegraph with updates all summer.
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