Markiplier and Jacksepticeye - CLOAK The worst YouTuber merch ever

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It's a $80 hoddie with cloak in a font that's camouflaged in, so you can barely see it!


They make a killing anyway then release this overpriced merch and say they've been working so hard on it for a year as there was no clothing for gamers out there.

It's so arrogant and terrible.
lol, I did not expect this to be here. I don't really care either way because I never buy Youtuber stuff, but I hear a lot of the criticism. It's tough because on one hand a big part of their fanbase are kids, but on the other hand if you don't like the product then vote with your wallets and don't buy it.
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I know people don't have to buy it, but they did mislead saying it's expensive as it's different from others then it comes to light it's still made in China. They aren't nice people, just more money grabbers.