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Marissa had a breakdown after her affair and hasn’t been the same since. It’s great she’s repaired her marriage (although unfortunately the guy she had the affair with is now separated). Looking at her social media is painful. It’s boring and awkward. I know she had a lot of support over the Cocoa Brown/Sundrelle fallout - but there’s a lot more going on there. At the end of the day, she let Cocoa Brown drop significantly while Sundrelle paid her and her husband big wages - all because she was building her own makeup brand on the back of the profile Cocoa Brown gave her. Let’s face it, if any of us were Sundrelle we’d be pissed too! Clearly, Carter Beauty hasn’t been a huge success - it’s ticking along fine but without a monthly wage from Fran O’Gorman, I’d imagine things are tough enough.


Is Marissa locked in her house
More cringe tic tocs
Her face looks odd unsure if it’s the filter?
Surely it must be the filter - surely!? Otherwise her entire face has changed. I hate when she uses a filter while showing off skin products. I’m not adverse to the odd filter myself, but if you’re saying a mask, foundation serum etc is the best you need to show your natural face before and after.


You can see the filter glitching on her nose in the one where she’s applying eyeliner with the red lip.

1,000 likes and 28 comments seems light for a beauty/makeup post that’s been up for a day and off a following of 125,000. Was her engagement always so low?


I actually can't stand her. The "sweety pie" act is fucking nauseating. She's trying to paint this picture of being an angelic little housewife but she's far from that.
...and yeah, for the love of Christ - someone take the phone off her. So embarrassing.

at the end of the day she broke up a family - when the wife of the guy she was sh*gging was going through IVF. I know it takes two, but the picture of domestic bliss she paints is hypocritical.


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I LOVE Christmas but I have to say I think Marissa has gone mad altogether with the decorations. Sometimes less is more, is she paying for all this stuff or what??

Like she keeps tagging Woodies but there's no #gifted or #collab, so not really quite sure what she's at.
She did the same with Halloween, I had to unfollow. She works all the time with Woodies so I'm sure all those stories should be tagged. She's starting to look like Santa's Elf and Rudolph's love child with all the fillers and work done, I think she's ruined her lovely face.
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