Mari's journal

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Hi all ,only found this site yesterday thanks to Rebecca lamb and ha I never knew this existed (I'm part of similar Czech website,never knew English one existed)
Anyway this Mari is a mum of one and OMG her 1 bedroom flat is constantly soo messy?full of dishes but what's bothers me the most is her little 18m old boy goes to bed sometimes 3am,12am whenever really and I think she has no clue to parenting. What do you guys think??
She's a very small youtuber trying to be big..I like her enthusiasm but to be always complaining that you cannot tidy or clean with one child?
The channel name is actually MarisJournal. She breastfeed hee boy like 24/7 .I used to enjoy her vlogs but lately she just irritates me. Just watching Netflix and on her phone constantly.