Mario Kart Tour

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That's crazy expensive how much it is to buy a good character and a loot box - £19.99! Mario kart on switch is only double for a complete game.

Annoying that it forces you to play online even though you're only ever racing against computers. Could be a good game but they've deliberately made it expensive and crappy to not cannibalise their console.
Bring back the Saga mega drive 😐 do do do do.. do do do do do do....
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We could only afford a master system, it had Alex kid built in though😁

The old sonic games as apps are wonderful though
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I loved the mega drive 🤣🤣
We had 4 older male cousins so Christmas was carnage when the mega drive came out after dinner 🤣
I had an Amstrad before that
I will never get over the fact I couldn’t complete Dizzy
Bloody egg always drowned.

I still have my original Nintendo NES system, in its box with the Duck Hunt gun! ❤ cant beat Nintendo!
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