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Love her zero plan days/ slow days but not that slow (lazy?) you do the school run in your pjs and at lunch time you still wear yesterday’s lipstick (see stories) and why feed your kids dinner in the bath??
I had to comment as I used to follow her when she had probably 2000 followers. And now she’s got over 30k followers, it’s really interesting bcos it’s not ‘just happened’ - I used to see her commenting on brands pages asking for collabs.
Remember that when father of daughters did that cringey Dorset cereals ad? Not long after I saw her commenting on their page asking about collabs.
She also sucks up to the bigger influencers and bcos she’s got her ‘thing’ - eco parenting etc, she has more of an niche.
But at the same time, she’s basically another insta mum selling her kids online with no regards for their privacy or the impact on them as they get older.

I’ve just her rise in followers interesting as it’s been a clear intention of hers.
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Argh she is just pathetic. She looks like she needs a good scrub in the bath, such a hypocrite with the whole eco bull tit she’s eats meat and dairy which are horrendous for the environment! Quite how she’s managing to raise three children I really do not know as she comes across plain stupid. Entitled and preachy and does nothing for her intended cause in my opinion. And why does she dress herself and children as if they are homeless? She has a little boy in school who still goes to bed with a bottle and the middle one constantly has a dummy, their poor teeth!