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I couldnt see a thread on her. Please tell me she does someone elses head in? So smug and she honestly thinks her and her home are the most amazing things. Her lounge looks cold and so uncosy. I think she thinks she is a new hinch and she is always tapping things with her nails. She is besties with zoe Stottor now too. Why is it most home Instagram women are non workers!? Doesnt that say something?
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It's not just you.
She's clearly part of an engagement group as she's constantly sharing the same accounts repeatedly in her stories; Repeatedly harping on about uniqueness and being 'real' as she apparently doesn't know how to be anything else (yawn)! The cleaning tips and the constant use of everything being so 'classy' (or rather chavvy in my opinion) was the last straw for me!
I can't obide someone who claims to be a Germaphobe and freaks out about a bloody box on the floor but is happy for their mangy dog to climb all over everything. Made my skin crawl. I swiftly unfollowed as for me she was the worst on Insta, a total crawler and wannabe
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Has anyone been follow the stories about her new garden and her neighbours? Sounds like they all dislike her!