Madame - Youtuber shares Mental health experience

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Ok so YouTuber Madame - who gained a lot of views/subscribers from saying she is going to sue Onision for false copyright strikes (case still ongoing she said no court date yet) - just posted a 1 hr 25 video which is super long for her. She's speaking and acting very different than normal in this video.

She describes her alleged experiences in a mental hospital in Florida within the last month after a recent heartbreak. Trigger warnings if you listen, this has some triggering themes due to the subject nature to do with mistreatment of patients at this hospital.

Just wanted to catch your two cents since I'm from the UK and it sounds awful but there are bits where I do find it hard to believe...but then I remember it's Florida. Real story? Fake? Partially true???

Whatever your thoughts we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out. Madame claims that thanks to her lawyer this place is A L L E G E D L Y (no one sue me pls) getting shut down for its malpractice and she'll be on the news.

(and I know she already mentioned everyone was gonna drag her for this but at about 20 mins in did she have to be so negative about the staff's background? They were terrible because they're terrible people, not because they're "from the hood" I think that's what has me not fully trusting her account because the "abusive/lazy foreigners speaking broken English" cliché is something I've never seen play out irl ever. I think when she's talking about her room mate in second unit she sounds more earnest than when she mentions 'the doppleganger' so I'm not sure I believe he existed either. I've been burned before by that "million little pieces" book.)
Bumping a dead thread to warn you - this creator attempted to leak a 15 year olds phone number on their story after the 15 year old made them an art commission FOR FREE and didn't get the credit they had agreed to.

Avoid at all costs, DO NOT support Madame. What a shame.