Machine dye - mixing colours to create the shade you want

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I often refresh items of clothing and towels etc with some dylon machine dye.
They have now discontinued their Terracotta coloured dye.
I have some cotton towels and their Terracotta colour is starting to fade a little.
Has anyone mixed 2 coloured dyes together to create a different colour?
Any advice on what colours I would need to mix to get Terracotta?

Brown and a red? If so which red would be best? A plum one or a scarlet one?

Or brown and orange?

Damn them for discontinuing.
The Dylon website used to have a section with advice on colour mixing.
That has now disappeared.
I emailed them and they confirmed they have ceased making the Terracotta dye and said they do not advise customers on colour mixing.

So if anyone can advise me, that would be great,
Thanks in advance.
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