Lynsey Queen of Clean #10 Recycled Clips, Useless Tips and Please Stop Pouting Your Blown Up Lips

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No wonder she has to trowel on the makeup when she uses that steamer contraption on her face every week 😳 Sure fire way to flare up any underlying rosacea or acne, and give yourself broken capillaries, sensitised skin, redness etc. Can’t believe she’s recommending it and trying to flog it to unsuspecting followers 🙁 That’s the danger when somebody who knows nothing but thinks they’re an expert gets a platform.


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Im sure I said this last year . .
How many bloody coats??
I have a dog walking coat, a best coat and an everyday "practical" coat . .
She is a cunt, I cant bear to watch her and her braggy ways today . . 👊
Shes probably gifted most of them none of which are that nice. I’m pretty sure one was a regatta outdoorsy type perfect for dog walking think she wore it once just to show it.
No recycled windows Wednesday, too busy having a manicure and pedicure, even that’s predictable with pink on the nails again and one sparkly one 🥱
Baffles me why she has the same colours but different shades and one sparkly nail me I have a whole variety of colours patterns ect.
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