Lydia Jane Tomlinson

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What do you think of this girl?

Quite like her fashion but it seems that she attends beauty events just for content as she doesn't look like she interested in makeup in the slightest
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Saw some people mention her in another thread so thought I'd resurrect if anyone had tea!
I do like her style but don't follow her anywhere so don't know much about her
I'm not sure about her following ? Seems like all bots as it's impossible to gain that much and that quick ?
She is a really lovely girl, I used to work with her before she was an Instagram person and she is honestly so lovely, and down to earth. We used to have a proper laugh! She’s worked hard to get to where she is Instagram wise.
Lydia Tomlinson is a very personable young lady with a gorgeous classy style.
She comes across as very down to earth & real ( unlike another Lydia I can think of !).
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Do we think her followers are bought? The growth looks a bit too consistent over the last couple of months. If you look at other major IG accounts (both influencers and businesses), most are hemorrhaging followers on a daily basis. IG as a platform is quite mature and isn’t growing anymore so I can’t see where these new followers are coming from.
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