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Sorry if there has been a post on this before but did anyone ever get the data sheets? Any kind of proof they are doing things safely?

Reason i ask is I just viewed the companies profile & realised I know who they are! They are from the town near me. I’m shocked they have got so big on insta. They used to sell scentsy until they took loads of orders from everyone & the money & the orders never came. Absolute chancers the full family & they go on about it being a family run business. Family run scam more like!
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Yeah - although when Ava May had her recent semi chem news they didn’t mention it at all!!

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place or already been covered. Forum newbie
They never provided the data sheets
They got rid of the dangerous disinfectant

Everyone calls her tacky jacky

She copies everyone , not originalty

Ava May should stay clear
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