Love this little guy!!

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I don't know who added him, but he made my day lol (y)

>>>>>>>>>>> :m <<<<<<<<<<

He's my spirit animal :ROFLMAO:
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He's great isn't he! Was added due to a certain shady family
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Haha yes he's awesome! Such a happy little mushroom ??

can I ask please is it possible to get traditional smilies like these ? ????
Yeah it's annoying they have :ROFLMAO: instead

Although don't worry the smilies will all be changing in 2-3 weeks to be consistent and how they appear on mobiles. Along with quite a few more improvements :D
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Oh cool, thanks! I was just wondering if it was just a simple click to a new package or something. I'm happy with what we have, looking fwd to the changing ones & the new improvements! :D
The dancing dick is a gift to us all

Never look at a mushroom the same again....
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I thought it was a cute lil shroom :ROFLMAO::eek: he's called a mushroom :3