Love Island 2020 Winter


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Catching up on last night.

I don’t get why some of the guys are drooling over the twins, they aren’t pretty, they are orange, and are really really annoying.

If a group of guys criticised a girl for sleeping around or whatever, they would be accused of slut shaming, I do feel it is basically just the same when Sophie was getting upset because Connor has had more than his fair share. Like who fucking cares if he’s slept around, as long as it’s all consensual and protection used, fuck who you want.

Honestly, I’m still finding Nas to be the only guy worth anytime, Callum is attractive but thick otherwise he would be okay. Nas falling asleep during round 3/4 is totally forgivable, having the stamina to even get there is good enough for me. 😂😂 Who cares if he only spends £20 on a first date.

Leanne isn’t opening up enough and leaves you knowing nothing about her. Siannise is annoying.

Mike needs a slap, he is thinking twins and not actually seeing the individual people the twins are, which is pretty empty tarts who are irritating as fuck. But at least he seems to be sticking tight to Leanne to some extent.


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I doubt he had really quit. I think they will have been looking for a reason to oust him. Also, he hasn't exactly been a hit with the ladies, has he? So it's an excuse to get another boy in there to spice things up.

As irritating as the twins are - at least the are causing a little drama, and thats what we all want to watch. Still cat stand their teeth licking and extension flicking and WONT SOMEONE BUY THEM SOME CLOTHES THAT FIT!


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Is that the twins? They look so much prettier there imo. Quite stunning really. Why the hell did they change that?
yep! that’s what everyone else is saying on social media - they look much better there before they got matching plastic surgery and platinum blonde hair!


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I wonder if the summer LI people are a bit pissed off by it too - usually they have a year to milk it for all it is worth before fading into obscurity.
Molly Mae did a 1st Episode reaction video and she was getting right into it so I don’t think she’s pissed off


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Without Caroline and it being Winter, it feels like a bargain basement rip off Love Island.

Not holding my attention so far. Only watched the first episode and already someone is whining they feel they can't trust the bloke around the twins or something similar.