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Happy new year peeps. Been gaffawing at your so late to the game I can never add to their perfection!
Though he did remind me of something... GO HOME..
Jeez though, he looks decrepit..Shes starting to look like a carer for him who's robbing him blind...



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Hey everyone! So I’ve just been lurking around tattle a few months thought I’d finally join the party. I don’t know how I came across little liar Lorna but I did and initially thought her insta feed was quite cool and thought her stories of grand houses and interior design where her own, after a few days I almost unfollowed because I saw a girl I didn’t recognise with a sleep mask on her face and assumed I’d accidentally followed a random...

clocked the user name and genuinely thought it might be this “lornaluxes” mum doing a story take over or whatever (I’ve seen stranger things happen on insta stories) but no it’s fucking her????!!!!!!! I was gobsmacked. That’s how I found tattle and I’m so grateful I did.

almost swallowed my own sick this morning with that couple car selfie, VOM.


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£810 for that monstrosity -- to go shopping at Tesco so that she can "spoil herself with fruit and veg" (?!)
You can imagine her browsing Chanel thinking, what can I buy, oh that'll do for John, it's Chanel after all and whipping the credit card out.

I'm getting more and more convinced that not only is the flat a charade but their whole life is. If you had genuine wealth, even if you liked to show off labels, you'd have a cosy, well decorated home (even if it is a flat), you'd be well groomed, hair would have a decent cut and colour regularly at the very least. Everything about their life just seems "cold". No friends, no family. Just her sitting on a bare floor with a clothes rail, a couple of Chanel carrier bags and a Kylie artwork inherited from an ex-wife.
Hi everyone, so I have been a lurker here for nearly a month and thought I should write. I found this as I follow LL on IG and had googled her as stuff didn’t add up. I didn’t realise to the extent that she was lying...also those filters. However that moustache and brows on xmas day was horrifying. Basic rules of grooming, always sort your moustache out 😂 I did think of unfollowing her but just follow her now to keep up with the thread. Anyhow I saw this and made me think of LL and OM



So my NY resolution of not swearing went out the window when I saw this... what the actual fuck... imagine seeing this floating round your local Tesco’s?!

The beenie hat with the acrylic hair sewn in...
the open cardigan monstrosity over whatever the fuck those trousers are... she looks straight out of some parody of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Lorna, The 1800’s called.. they want their night wear back.



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Not followed this one for a long time. Still living in his £200k flat (pretending it’s a Manor House)? Trying to do photo shoots in their massive garden (shared with numerous other residents)? Driving around in the Bentley (20 years old!)? Her driving around in her Porsche (20 years old)? Pretending to be wealthy? Weird aren’t they?
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