Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Holland #4 Dog (re-gifted)

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He called his son his 12 y/o sperm under that picture🤢 what a dickhead
I had to see this caption for myself... I couldn't believe it. This just shows how immature he must be - so a perfect match with Lindsey (except she looks 40). But all jokes aside, if I had a partner that refers to his son as his sperm (even as a joke), I'd be long gone.


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Good lord, is Lizzy STILL in the USA? How can a cross-continental trip feel so dull? Same comment for her shoe collab (no surprise there). Here I was thinking this whole time it was a partnership with Dear Frances (dunno where I got that idea), and instead it's one of those second-wave DTC online brands that just make vague, middle-of-the-road knockoffs of other designers. Lizzy and an ugly suede loafer? Knock me down with a feather. :rolleyes:


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Good lord, is Lizzy STILL in the USA? How can a cross-continental trip feel so dull? Same comment for her shoe collab (no surprise there). Here I was thinking this whole time it was a partnership with Dear Frances (dunno where I got that idea), and instead it's one of those second-wave DTC online brands that just make vague, middle-of-the-road knockoffs of other designers. Lizzy and an ugly suede loafer? Knock me down with a feather. :rolleyes:
I know!!! Any idiot, even me (world class) could do a better job in NY. She makes it look boring as hell. I would take folks everywhere not touristy. Button shops, delis, chinatown, over the bridges, Rockaway, Bushwick, Jackson Heights, upstate... Man how I miss it.

Oh and in that shoe thing she sits on different stoops (steps to buildings). You don't sit on other people's stoops. Stoops are great but they are for residents and guests to sit on. They can't all be where she is staying. I'm surprised someone didn't roll up their window and yell at her. So NYC. I so miss that in your face telling people to fuck right off. They don't care and have little fear of being shot (even in not nice areas). Unlike Texas where if you dare to tap your horn b/c someone has been sitting at a green light for 5 mins you will have to prepare to duck bullets.

When I moved back to NYC after being in Australia for 3 years (which is lovely but so TAME) I was beyond delighted when on the NJ transit train back from Newark airport the guy behind me was repetitively screaming "What are you a MORON?" "You're a MORON" "You're a MORON" "Whatever, you're a MORON" hang up. I was like, oh bless. I actually love it. I'm sure others are very much stressed out by such behavior but I live vicariously through it and also find it incredibly amusing.

Very next day I was in the subway and saxophone man with Christmas lights on his body making high pitched alien squeal like noises and spinning around in a circle in the middle of the train and the girl sitting next to me finally screams "MAKE IT STOP!!!". Hahahahahhaaha. I'm home. I love you, thank you stranger.

Nothing boring there.
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The shoes/boots in that "collab" video are pretty nice. What the hell makes it a collaboration? I suppose she flipped through a shoe picture book and pointed to the ones she quite liked? I'm sure that's the extent of it. Probably with a "mmm, that one's quite like what I have already" and then a nap. I thought the boots with the strap at the top were kinda cool (the first ones) although they looked very much like my hunter wellies LOL.

The video had me quickly laughing. She's really trying to be a model and not *quite* there. The beginning was quite good and I thought, oh we're off! Following her on an interesting walk through my city! (I'm a mongrel, don't ask, but I lived in NYC the longest) only to get led around in circles on a single block in the East Village, watch her pace from foot to foot, look left and right frantically like someone was going to jump out from behind a trash can and giving off vibes like she desperately needed the loo...

All to a smooth "isn't she amazing" (I don't know what it was) Sinatra-eque kind of soundtrack. It was like a wanna be Keira Knightly Chanel perfume advert. Is that the best tattoo bro (hers, not Linda's) can muster? The trope of a man following his girl around the city - like Pepe le Pew?

Very existential ;) Check please, actually, no, a refund?
Ok, I finally found the video. Is that really the best they could do? Honestly looks the same as all of Lizzy's shitty vlogs shot on her point and shoot camera. A shot of her feet walking on the sidewalk. A shot of her anxiously fidgeting with her hair on a street corner. A shot of her looking at the came--nope, too awkward! Look off to the side! Christ, she's been "modeling" the exact same way since she started Youtube, you'd think she'd be better at it by now. Also, @brerwhabbit you're totally right that it looks like they filmed this all on one block. Despite her going on about walks, coffee, and books this year, they didn't even bother venturing into a park, cafe, or bookstore for this dumb video. Literally nothing about this felt like NYC. Even a bodega would have set the tone a lot better.


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@meowmeowbeans I watched it again which was torture. To be fair, I think she is in east village and Chelsea in the second half (within walking distance but doesn't show her walking there). I was operating from repressed memory. LOL. I had to block certain stuff out. The stoops seem non-residential maybe -still really naff to be sitting on them, no one does that in that part of town even if they live there, it's rare. It's just weird all around.

I miss bodegas. That would have been interesting. I still have a bodega mentality. I go to the supermarket multiple times a week and will pick up one small basket full of stuff at a time.


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Same google search says they have now set up a ltd company together. ‘ The longing to talk to strangers’, selling household textiles. Someone earlier guessed here that a collaboration would be on the horizon. He certainly is astute!
Do you know what? Good for him! He knows she’s got a following for some reason so why not exploit it to feed his ego and 12 year old sperm! Even if nobody will buy anything that Lindsey is selling
An ex-boyfriend of mine used to say "Oh, very existential" to everything naff like this - people trying hard to be arty and failing. He was a bit of a snob actually - it wasn't anything against the word existential or existentialism (his phd was in film and French literature so...), just people being insufferably self important. He was insufferable too (ironically) but many of these sayings stuck with me because he could also be very funny.

We went to an art opening in Greenpoint one night and I swear to God it was several canvases with a single brushstroke in paint that was half peeling in various colors that looked like nail polish peeling. He looked around, stroked his chin and said "ah yes, very existential" and we left immediately to grab a burger. There was actually a lot of this sort of thing about then (2010ish).

It's what I first thought when I saw the umbrella one and FFS - what is that? The lone umbrella, left behind bereft, sitting there without purpose on a sunny afternoon as if listening to the chink of coffee cups and laughter, the pathos... :rolleyes: :ROFLMAO:
This was hilarious. You write in such a vivid, engaging way btw.


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Jack always smiles like a constipated hostage and I think it sums up their relationship due to the only food they consume being olives & orange wine and the fact that Lindsey holds him at gunpoint to take photos of and with her !
"Hostage" describes in a nutshell how it must feel to be in a relationship with Lindsey. They've been together for at most 4 months, and already have joint Instagram accounts AND a business? I've been with my partner for 4 years and we don't even live together.


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I don't know, it's like Lizzy is trying to be not like other influencers by not doing anything touristy (generally things are popular for good reason) or cultural (there's heaps of things to do to learn about first nations in Toronto FFS), it's annoying haha. Instead we get perfectly curated locations that could belong anywhere, for her to do the same old, same old.

You have the privilege to travel internationally, go do something rather than navel gazing. It's almost like the sad pretty gurl trope. She's intellectual because she's alone at a cafe looking sad reading a book.

I do enjoy the comments asking her if she's actually traveling alone, cuz it certainly doesn't seem like it. I know it's not aesthetically pleasing (I'm just ripping on Liz, some people can't genuinely stand it) but solo travelling and staying at hostels is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone while taking in a new city.

I do enjoy doing mundane things different countries, I still get a kick from going to convenience stores in Japan. But yeah, Lizzy can't seem to share anything outside her indifference to anything 'book loving' image, even her objects (umbrella, finished coffee, whatever) are just so cool and chic they are worth sharing. It's like the very outdated 90s idea that to be enthusiastic is daggy, it's best to not like anything, lol. Like the episode of rick and morty where they try to impress the new guy.
The most basic convenience store in Japan is still far more interesting than anything Lizzy has shown 😂
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