Little Things in Life That Make You Happy / Smile

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Inspired by the thread "little things that annoy you."

For me,

- When my SO makes me a cup of coffee in the morning

- All the butterflies and bees that have been in our garden because I planted dahlias in the flower bed.

- Cuddles with my dog. He always puts a smile on my face.

- The fresh, crisp Autumn air in the mornings. I love walking in it.

- Reading a good book. I just finished The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo and really recommend it.

- The smell of the leather seats in our new SUV. We had a basic SUV with cloth seats before but upgraded to a new one and I love it so much.

- Going to the gym. I have had endo flare-ups recently so haven't been going as much and it makes me really appreciate when I can go.

- Cuddles with my SO.

- Beans on toast. So comforting. I am going to have it for lunch today.

- Making new friends. Making friends as an adult is hard and even more difficult when you move to a new country. I am finally finding myself making new (good) friends.
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This is sweet!
My 2, my mischievous and curious twins who constantly keep me on my toes and are changing every day
My husband especially when he makes me a berry tea in the morning
Work even though I’m off sick right now and miss it!!
Pork and apple sauce
Holidays in Cornwall
Pink lipstick
An ice cold can of Fanta
Homemade cards from friends
Beans on toast when it’s raining outside
I’ll probably add more!!
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One thing that always makes me happy is seeing an elderly couple walking hand in hand and just seeing how much love they still have for each other!
I just think it’s the cutest thing 🥰
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The feeling when your child just comes and hugs you for no reason ❤

When the leaves change in autumn! I live in a Mediterranean country now and I miss the crisp leaves!

Seeing baby clothes drying on the washing line

Sitting in a conservatory listening to rain with a good book

When influencers declare their ads properly 😉😜
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My children and the endless amount of cuddles they give 💜

Watching the washing on the line blowing in the wind.

A cold can of coke.

A good charity shop find.

The days my son has school dinners which means no rushing around making a healthy/nut free/gluten free/sugar free/fun free packed lunch 😂

Waking up in the middle of the night to pee and realising it's only 2am and you can go back to bed for a few more hrs

Just a few off the top of my head 😊

How could I forget...

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Fresh bedding

Coming home from work opening the front door

Driving at night and all lights are green

IKEA when its empty
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Fresh Bedding!!

A nice cosy winters day/night when you don't need to go out but can get into fresh jammies and light candles and chill with a hot cup of tea

snuggles/cuddles and play time with my 3 kitties

when I come home from work and my bf is in before me starting dinner - always feel like a winner

when my bf asks me if I want him to make my lunch for tomorrow!!

standing on crunching leaves

standing on fresh snow

coming in on or under budget on the weekly food shopping

having a chat with a random old person as you walk by them and seeing them smile

when out the blue my bf tells me he loves me

defo the little things that count in life
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Watching the sun set/rise on a walk
Hearing an old song that takes me back in time
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I have to agree that cuddles with my dog really cheer me up. He’s started a new habit. When I’m on the reclining chair I put a fluffy blanket over my legs and he comes and hides under it 🤗
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This time of year seems full of them for me:

Maple trees turning a beautiful bright red

Walking through a pile of fallen leaves

Wrapping up in a big, cozy coat on an evening walk

Cuddling with my cats while watching Tv
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This is such a lovely thread!!
For me it’s
Clean and tidy house
Fresh sheets
The smell of bleach 😂
My kids cuddling me in bed in the morning
My kids not fighting and being kind to each other .... doesn’t happen very often 😂😂
Having a good chinwag with my friends
90’s dance music

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This is so cute! For me it's:
- when a stranger holds a door for me to let me walk in front of them, or lets me on the train/bus before them
- fresh bedding, especially after a long bath
- when my SO randomly comes into my office/workspace with a drink/food or just a quick cuddle at just the moment I feel stressed. Almost like he has some kind of sixth sense?
- a good great book
- when my mum's dog bounces onto me so hard it literally knocks me over when I haven't seen him for a while
- after walking home in the rain to realise the heating was in fact on the timer so the flat is toasty and warm
- Arndale centre when it is quiet. That sounds really random but sometimes I like just browsing clothes rather than going in to buy something
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Having a make over on a make up counter and looking completely different!

having a tidy house

walking my dog and seeing all the beautiful things around me.

waking up without a hangover.

when my kids are in a polite happy mood!

laughing with my mates
Cuddles with my husband, daughter and dog. Especially when we’re all cuddled on the sofa with the dog at our feet.

the school run belting out Dolly Parton with my daughter.

Waking up in winter and the heating is on and it’s all cosy.

A proper cup of tea.

The face after 11 years of trying I finally made a bolognase my kids likes on Monday. She loves it, eats it out all the time. Loves the dolmio smooth jar. Never liked mine. Cracked it on Monday with a one pot pasta and meat sauce recipe from skinny taste. I was ecstatic.
5pm on a weekday
and when someone else puts the bins out.

and when kids learn the beauty of the bleeping INSIDE VOICE.

And when kids aren’t sticky and don’t try and eat play doh for the laugh

when the car isn’t a bleeping dark freezer at 7am in the morning.

when I can feel my toes.

edit: I’ve missed the point of this thread haven’t I 🤣
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One thing that always makes me happy is seeing an elderly couple walking hand in hand and just seeing how much love they still have for each other!
I just think it’s the cutest thing 🥰
This is my parents! I wouldn't class them as elderly yet but they've always held hands/ walked arm in arm. I used to find it mortifying when people told me they'd seen them as a teen, now I think it's cute. My mum says they're holding each other up 😂

I love this thread, going to have a think of mine 💕
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