Lissy Roddy

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I’ve just googled this because I didn’t know they dated 😅 says it was only for 3 weeks lmao


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OK now there's a thread, I have questions:
1. Does she still live in Manchester?
2. Is she still engaged? If so, does anyone know who her fiancé is?
3. She was best friends with Molly Mae at one point and I recall MM wearing a necklace Lissy had given to her on Love Island. Are they no longer friends now?
She is still engaged to a football player (not top end) and lives down south now


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I just find it interesting how sooo many insta baddie girls (naomi genes, summer bianca, lissy, miss joslin etc etc) seem to all go for mixed race boys
I agree.I think it helps that the guys are rich and famous ish footballers.I always wonder how many mixed or black guys they have been out with before.I would guess none.


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Oh so she’s bought that big house on her own! She must be lonely as she used to have friends in Manchester, doesn’t seem like she hangs out with anyone but I guess she is generally quite private

Also note how she mentioned Manchester was the best place she’s ever lived. Sounds like she’s moved down south to buy a place with her fiance and somethings happened so they aren’t together any more :/ hope she is okay
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