Lisa - My_solo_journey_to_mom #2

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In her defence on my first girl I went mad and bought a bow for her head. At the time I thought it was lovely, now obviously I know better. On the first we all make mad mistakes. I brought my first daughter as a newborn to a christening in Dec and brought no coat!!! Wanted to show off the dress. I absolutely cringe every time I think about it now. Absolutely clueless and I thought I knew everything. So I can forgive some if the madness buying of useless crap.


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Why does everyone think oh I’ve had a girl, let’s put this ludicrous bow on her head. They’re stupid and tacky. I wouldn’t even put that on an animal, must be so uncomfortable for the child.
There are some cute headbands, I get these gorgeous cable knit style ones and they’re so comfortable my 7 month old and 7 year old can wear them. They’re €3-5 depending on where you get them. They’re comfortable and great quality 🙈
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