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I work retail and the amount of women that return something because their husband or boyfriend doesn't like it is unbelievable. My answer is always 'that just makes me wear it more' honestly what is this, the 1950s?
That is concerning. I choose what I wear. I don't expect him to like everything I put on there isn't a chamce a man will love it all but he knows (without being told) my body, my choice and the odd times I even ask what he thinks I'll wear it anyway 😂😂 there is a clear boundary there that more women need to set. My boyfriend would never try and dictate what to wear to me.

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My partner probably has an opinion on most of the stuff I buy, it doesn't mean I will send it back

To be honest I'd find it weird if he said he loved a floral dress or something 🤣
I’ll ask my partner his opinion, most of the time I’ll wear it anyway but if he really hates it he’ll tell me why...usually because it makes me look the size of a house or something equally unflattering. Then I’ll look at it again (but probably still wear it 😂)
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