Lily Pebbles #28 As dim as her loft extension

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She used to have a recipe for brookies on her blog, like why not make those? From what i remember they were too difficult and it would've been more appropriate for promoting bake off.
she needs to plan her loft innit. Plus if you make your own Brookfies, you can’t beg for Ms deal

Ah but Anna could never feign that air of insouciance that comes so naturally to Lily: my Fenty bronzer has turned into a chocolate chip cookie? Fuck it, I'll beg another one. My tripod has turned into a baguette? Pas de problème... Riiiich! Come and hold my camera for me!
Stop with the tripod shit, that is so old

Apart from the chocolate chip one, those biscuits are the dullest, cheapest, most boring ones. Last time I bought them they were for the builders working on our house. Wait. Has Lily nicked the builders' biscuits?
She will buy Tesco value for them, if she ever buys. MS cheap range biscuit, that is for the guest


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Fuck me, an almost (in total) 300 pound mismatched lamp that's going to live in some dusty corner of the loft. If I had something worth that kind of money I'd put it in the middle of my fucking flat just to make sure I use it enough.
(the shade and base don't even look good together what the heeeeell, you had one job, Lily!)


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Is Lucy her current manager? I’d live a big shake up and review of their “talent” at gleam to take place. That video editor she used seems to work at gleam as well!
Her manager is Natalie Amos. Lucy used to be her old manager when she just joined Gleam. I think they are mate.

Lily is that 🪰 that can’t die won’t die, she will stick to gleam or perhaps going under Lucy’s new wing because has no craft. Anna has her Virgo shit going, Hinch has cleaning, Katie Snooks has sex toys and posing in her underwear crying about body positivity, Zanna has fitness…Lily has nothing


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Lurker here.. but just wanted to express my genuine interest in the reason of why the hell this woman is always miserable ?
Is her child hard to manage?
Is her pregnancy complicated?
Is her husband a bad man?
Is her job hard?
Do they have financial problems ?

No. No and No and No.

So why does she always look miserable !!!!????


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The lamp is mismatched. Is the base black? Black doesn't go with the lamp shade at all as it's beige and brown. I really don't think Lilly has an eye for colour which is weird seeing as she likes make up. Even that cobalt blue doesn't actually suit her coloring. She has sallow skin so she should wear warm colours. If she wants to insist on wearing trendy neutrals she should try leaning to warm autumnal colors like terracotta. The yellow shirt is particularly draining on her. Don't know why anyone would pick a sickly color like that.
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