Lifeofcharlouise #4 Is she pregnant?

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In her latest picture of her hallway reno there are three downstairs doors with frosted glass panels... Isn’t the one on the left the bathroom? I’m not sure I’d want frosted glass in my bathroom door??!


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They are such an odd couple. She’s basically a compulsive liar and surely he could eat some cereal/a sandwich while they’re doing the kitchen renovation?! My partner and I ripped out our kitchen, knocked through walls etc 2 years ago and we managed by cooking meals on the bbq and eating simple foods I.e sandwiches, cereal, pasta and sauce etc. It’s not ideal but it’s also not forever!


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I don't think I can take much more πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I'm sick of hearing how this baby may come early and her consultant will decide how and when baby will come earth side! Charlotte you are measuring only 2-3 days ahead. You are not going to be induced! I measured 2.5 weeks ahead right from my 13 week scan, all the way through I measured ahead. He was born 5 days early (not weeks) and he was 9lb 12. Your baby will be average size and you will probably even go overdue!
Also I renovated the whole downstairs of my house with a back and side extension when I was 25 - 34 weeks pregnant and I didn't moan once!!!
God she gets my back up!!
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