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This woman drives me mad! Always on the hunt for freebies and sucking up to the big instagrammers.
Anyone who starts their insta handle with life_of or with is a massive nob anyway
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Yeah I’ve recently unfollowed this one. Very vanilla and comes across as desperate to be insta famous. Also the daily head tilting boomerangs were annoying.
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Omg the head wobble boomerangs annoy the tit out of me. She literally buys everything she sees on the bigger Instagrammers pages, she's such a sheep!! And when Marthashappilyeverafter was in Cornwall she " accidentally " bumped into her 🤦.. It was no accident, she clearly stalked her stories and made sure they were in the same place 😳. She's definitely a desperate wannabe but she's too 💤💤💤💤
Another one always shoving a camera in her childs face. What could have been a nice baking activity with lots of chat and learning was a photo shoot instead. Even the girls face said why am i being filmed again?
Shes started appearing on my explore page again. Dull as dishwater, and constantly tagging brands, blatantly on the beg for freebies.
She really fancies herself as an interior designer doesn’t she?!
What has she done to her living room! Panelling!!?
Why does she keep posting photos of that kitchen? Its not even nice, looks like the ones that come with new build council houses.