Lia Marie Johnson

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So this isn't really a 'trash' thread I guess - I don't want to be harsh about this girl as she's clearly struggling, but wanted to make people aware. A lot of her audience seem to be teens.

She's a youtuber/actress who used to be in the FineBros kids/teens/youtubers react videos, as well as releasing music on her own channel. She's also starred in a few Youtube Originals and AwesomenessTV productions.

Lately she's been posting really strange Lives on Instagram, where she seems like she's on something and just seems really sad and stressed. I've thought for a while that she might be on drugs. She cut her hair, stopped wearing make up and seemed to be surrounded by people who were enabling her and not great. Callum Markie did a video covering it here (its not monetised):
I’m surprised there’s not more activity on this thread, from her Instagram it seems like she’s hopefully doing a little better - at least she’s not with that creepy manager anymore and appears to have a boyfriend now
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