Law of Attraction

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Does anyone follow this? Any examples of when it’s worked for you?
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Absolutely not. There was a thread on here about believing in things being fated which proved very controversial. I don't believe in either. I certainly don't believe that certain patterns positive will lead to positive results. I tried law of attraction in the past for various situations and it never worked for me. I think the only thing possible with law of attraction but not, is you can control keeping positive in negative situations, so say for example you don't get the job you want and you're gutted at the time but you have to keep positive and remember there may be reasons why that job didn't work out and something better is on the way. It's all about positive mindset. I don't believe we can make things happen by being positive and I know people who have gotten addicted to psychics and all that jazz because the psychics told them to use 'law of attraction' to get an ex back. Then when surprise surprise the ex didn't come back the person wasn't 'positive' enough or didn't do the methods given properly. The people did the methods given, crazy things such as imagining each other kissing and in each other's company, imagine yourself kissing them and letting them go waving to them etc it was all crazy and led to more heartbreak when the ex really didn't come back. People were also encouraged to do good karma to get karma back and that's where you have to question if people are doing good deeds for their own needs and wants to be met, not genuinely because they want to do that good deed.

This may be really controversial but apparently the book The Secret teaches people that you can cure cancer by being positive and following the exercises given in it. I think that law of attraction is a dangerous path to go down to be honest. You have to be realistic, you can't say to yourself I want a brand new BMW or whatever and expect that just by being positive a BMW will arrive on your drive through you being positive. You also have to do work to get your goal. This topic rubs me up the wrong way I'll be honest because some of it just is ridiculous. There are videos on YouTube about getting your ex back by drinking bottles of water and imagine the water filled with love, it just seems so.. out there. Apologies to people who are in to this topic but the other thread was just as controversial and I do believe that some things are meant or aren't meant for us and we can't control that. Nothing 'fated' about it though or law of attraction, just the way life is.
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I don't believe in law of attraction at all. I've heard about it because it seems to be talked about often, but I am completely against it and think it's a crazy belief.

Do people who die of cancer deserve it because they attracted it, like children who got abused or people who have had hardships in their life?

I had quite a few traumatic things happen personally in my childhood and I don't think I attracted them to happen. Some people have lucky lives and have it all, others have bad luck and bad life experiences. I knew someone who was big into law of attraction and believed people who got cancer got it because of how unhappy they were and how much toxicity was inside of them which then developed into cancer. I think it's crazy that people think they can manifest money or a lovely house etc just by affirmations, you have to work to get what you want in life. If law of attraction worked so well everyone would use it and stop working etc because they 'attracted it'. Also I've tried it before and it never worked for me, in life you get whatever happens.
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I do believe in it. My best friend had described a long time ago my ideal partner and we didn't think someone like that existed. But it was on my mind. I would write down the description of whom I wanted in my life etc. After a while, I met this guy from my friend's descriptions and we're getting married!
Funny enough, he doesn't believe in The Secret or law of attraction.
Nope it’s bullshit. It’s just an excuse for lazy people to try and dream “manifest” things without having to actually do the work for it. Instead of working a bit of overtime or setting up a side hustle, they spend hours posting quotes and cutting out bits of magazines to make vision boards. It’s pure nonsense. I agree with Miss98. The idea gang bad things happen to people because they attracted it is abhorrent. Everyone knows people who have experienced real trauma (death of a child, terminal illness, childhood abuse etc.) to say that this is somehow their fault is awful.
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I heard of this LOA many years ago but never bothered about it until around 2018 when it was mentioned by somone I followed on IG (a EX SM influencer) who believes highly in LOA.

The concept (?) Is you have to speak in a positive tone to the universe in what you want and not what you don't want because the universe don't recognise "no" , "don't want" .... eg , you don't want to be broke vs. You want to be rich..... meaning don't speak in negative because the universe just hear "broke" and you're broke. LOL

Anyways! So in 2018 I tried it and 2 things happened to me almost immediately. Coincident?

1 a long lost friend I specified contacted me
2 I attracted a job (I went for the interview) I demanded from the universe but it turned out utterly crap!

after that I stopped with this LOA.. i

in my opinion, it is not as easy or simple to constantly speak in positive wishes AND believe in it.

How many of us can do that?

Also I don't agree with saying bad things only happens because one thinks it into existence (self sabotage) . LOA isn't everything in life.

Lastly, I actually was watching this YT around the time I was attracted in LOA, "Zoe" something (have stopped watching her) and she is a firm believer but she began dabbing in more "spiritual" things, dark magic to me. So... proceed with caution
I think it does.i dont believe it states that bad things happen to bad people because they asked for it... it doesnt work like that.
As the poster said above, you literally have to speak it into existence.
I got a low 2.1 in my degree and was determined to get a distinction in my masters. My marks fluctuated between 60/70’s and my final grade was dependent on my dissertation mark. For months i wrote down that I would get a distinction, I pre-wrote a paragraph to tell my family that I got a distinction. Got my draft back and I got a low 2.1. Spoke into existence even more. I have a distinction, more paragraphs, more writing down. Somehow - i actually graduated with a distinction!

Also with my job, I graduated in a very very competitive field. Really wanted the job I had now - wrote it down, spoke it into existence, acted like I already had it. I was on the reserve interview list, got an interview then got the job!

Although I am also a believer in whats meant to be will be/everything happens for a reason.

However if you want something believing and practicing The LOA wont hurt
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I think it works in a sense of if you have goals you naturally work towards them. But I think those goals are earned not manifested. One example: I always wanted to buy a new build 4 bed house, similar to the one I grew up in. I would often think about the sort of house etc I wanted to live in. But that just motivated me to save for a deposit etc to make it happen rather than it just appearing one day. I think having goals and being as positive as you can is always a good thing.
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