Lauren aston designs

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If you want to see a real wannabes. See this account. Her highlights are hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
Up and arse come to mind.
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I love to dislike her. She did my head in with her whole big milk thing 🙄 it’s a bottle of milk ffs, such a drama queen!
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Can't stand this one. She really thinks she's something special. I used to follow her because I really enjoy her designs, they're stunning.
Unfortunately I had to follow because she is so up herself and just rambles on about utter nonsense. I think it's a shame, but she's doing very well so I don't suppose she'll stop banging on anytime soon!
Anyone have any idea who this person that apparently copied her chunky blankets is? She keeps going on about it. She seems to think she is 100% original but theres hundreds of people been making the same stuff as her for years.