Laura Felton— go fund me for a boob reduction

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Pink peony

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Omg I saw her stories last night when she said she mentioned starting one but said she wouldn’t because it would be frowned upon. There are families who don’t have money to buy food to eat or a have a place to live and this selfish moron thinks it’s ok to raise money for a breast reduction!
How self entitled can she be to use her platform to raise money for vanity surgery for herself! She will try to justify it by saying it causes her pain bla bla bla. Well how about trying to lose some weight first and see if that makes a difference. While at the same time saving money incase she still needs the surgery.
She’s just quit her job because her and her husband couldn’t get childcare to fit around their working hours. The lazy madam should look for another job and work her butt off and save for the surgery just like the rest of the world has to when they want something they don’t have the funds for.
Go fund me should be for life changing tragedies not boob reductions for over weight women who can’t be arsed to get a job and pay for it themselves!!! :mad:


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So glad it wasn’t just me that this p*ssed off she won’t buy her kids new shoes yet she will
Set up go fund me for bust reduction. Saying she can’t exercise because of them, pretty sure it was only before lockdown started she was doing rugby trained 🤔 pretty sure that would be classed as exercise she’s so full of it anything to get something for free


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Have you read the comments on the go fund me page it’s so embarrassing people are saying she’s brave. Yes she’s brave asking for money from people she doesn’t even know.
I’d have a TINY bit of respect if she tried to raise the money by doing something but no she’s sat on her bum making pom-poms


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Oh she’s closed it and is refunding people haha
Good! She’s unreal 🙄

There are people all over the world living in poverty and war torn countries who can’t afford to eat let alone worry about such dull bullshit as she does. She is always moaning about something. “Oh please buy my shit pom poms so I can buy a new chair” 🙄 fucking get a grip Laura. You’re a married homeowner with two kids not a spoilt little kid.

I also have huge boobs but I’m aware that if I want to do something about how painful it can be it’s on my own back to do that as I’m A FUCKING GROWN UP
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