Laser tattoo removal? Has anyone had one-experiences?

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Alright, well, I haven't found any personal advice thus far, just articles from who knows who, and I'd rather get more personal accounts if possible.

I got a tattoo 3 years ago, and the thing is, I still love what it is, its symbolism has gotten me through very rough times and is still very dear to me, but the artist did a pitiful job, went too deep mostly and left deposits when starting and stopping such a simple piece, and there are little dots where it pooled, like someone trying to start a fountain pen! and it's placement is very odd on my ankle and just wears more so over time. It's pretty small, about an inch wide and high and only a black outline ( just giving this info for background so that if someone's had one very similar to mine removed, that could be comforting). I don't regret the tattoo and it's symbolism, only the way it was done, even after reading so many good reviews and going to a more than reputable shop. So, I've learned my lesson.

How was your experience if you've had it done? and did you use picosure or Q switch lasers?

Lastly but most importantly, did you have internal side effects such as nausea, headaches, or other problems and long term sicknesses as a result of the body trying to remove the ink through the lymphatic system? Anyone who has chronic illnesses like autoimmune stuff have it done, because I'm worried the repercussions could be worse, if so.

I'm planning to get a consultation soon and talk prices and how many sessions they think I'd need, and I'll be sure to ask about people with compromised immune systems and bodies and how that's affected. Will post anything I find here for anyone else maybe going through same.

Any advice at all would be much appreciated!
I had many Q switch sessions to fade a poorly done tattoo on my arm.
No side-effects like you described, just the usual blistering, dry, flakey skin. I was left with some keloid scaring, but think that's because I did pick some of the scabs off, stupid I know.

I went to a cosmetic clinic. The ink was very black and heavy and took about 16 sessions. I just wanted it faded enough so it could be covered up with another easily.
It's a very painful procedure, but I'm ok handling pain and found after a few mins, adrenaline kicked in and didn't feel as bad. Each session was about 20 mins as it covered my whole bicep. You have to leave at least 6 weeks between sessions.

Hope that helps, anything else, just ask :)
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Hello, I'm having 2 tattoos removed, 4 years and 2k later the black one at the top of my arm has faded to nothing, you can see the scar from the original tattoo, the one on my other arm was coloured so is still needing a couple more, I only go once every 6 months as it wont fade any quicker with more sessions, it's very painful but goes away quite quickly. I got headaches and a metallic taste the first few sessions when the most ink was leaving but nothing major that would put me off doing it
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Thanks for the replies, both of you, I had forgotten I posted this lol. I'm still nervous about the lasers because of my tattoo having reactions and being raised/burning these days so I'm seeing a surgeon about excision in a week and a half. I sure hope he can do it because I just want a one and done process. But the skin is so tight there by the ankle bone that I'm not holding too much hope.

I guess I'll just have to wait it out, as I'm far off from having the money right now anyways and maybe there will be more experiences shared. Cheers guys
I am having one on my lower back removed currently, not sure what type of machine it is to be honest but it took maybe 5 minutes to do the laser. It felt like hot fat spitting when it was being done and it was very hot afterwards for a few hours - they advised me to get some migraine gel strips which helped loads in cooling it down! When healing it was sensitive, a bit like sunburn and started to blister slightly at the 1 week mark, at 2 weeks the scabby bits got very itchy (like when a tattoo heals) but it feels fine now at 3 weeks. I have another session in August so I hope to notice some difference by then.

I'm having it done at a local tattoo shop, they own their own machine and the guy doing it specialises in removal, they use a sheet of paper with size guides to determine price and mine is £80 a session.
I had it done a few years back, when it was not as popular as now, I had 3 appointments and it was so painful, I stopped going, it's expensive as well.
I have, and surgeon that I know said it would be a lot quicker and cheaper to have had it cut out privately.

Mine burns like there is no tomorrow a couple of days later and you have to do your best not to scratch it! I have a small scar from scratching on one bit. Mine is tiny so the pain isn't too bad, I get it numbed. I have some auto immune issues but it's only the itching that I find really bad.