KSI vs Logan Paul 25th August Live Stream

Who do you want to win

  • Ksi

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • Logan

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I hope they both get knocked out

    Votes: 6 60.0%

  • Total voters
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They are both douche bags, but I was planning on watching the match to see them both get smashed up. I have just enough credits on Google to watch it but they've put the price up from £6 to £7.5! I don't even understand why they have to charge, tickets to see it live cost a fortune and they both know how to get sponsorships and brand money.

Anyone know if there will be a way to watch online live for free?
I didn't even know it was a paid for event.

I honestly don't believe this event is .... as it seems. I think it's planned out in advance, and everyone knows how it will play out. They're prob even going to make money by betting on the winner.

Call me suspicious AF, but I just don't believe anything logan paul does. It's been very handy for him to do this as it's put him back in the spotlight and people talking about him and 'popular' again after he had all but disappeared.

I think KSI is 'taking one for the team' and has been paid off. Just my thoughts. Won't be watching. It's all fake.
Logan is in a win win situation, even if he looses people will feel sorry for him.

Even with all his careful media training his interviews with people like Casey niestat are so transparent an obvious. Thinking really hard about each question and claiming he's a changed person just because he's vegan.

I'd like them to both just disappear and not get attention and yes I'm aware I'm giving them attention posting this ?
Maybe I'm just niave, but still I'd watch this if it was free ? open to ideas as to where to watch it without the fee, legally of course ;) someone must be streaming it from their phone while there?
It's $10 and id pay that to watch it, i wont pay that as it will profit them. if you get me.

there will be non kosha streams, but they will be taken down so quickly on youtube or facebook so not even worth trying. is there a Chinese youtube copy?
Jake Paul is starting now, stream still working. Really hoping Jake is knocked out. We've got a bit too excited here over YouTube boxing lol
Deji isn't looking in that good shape didn't pack on muscle like ksi did, not looking good for him
He got zero love from the crowd.

Calling out Chris brown is a bit ott. I don't think he would be interested
That Chris Ingham is one creepy guy eh. I look at him and I shudder.

I watched it on twitch free lol I figured I didn't want to see it but then I went on Twitter and there was a free link, tons of us were in there lol Really burnt Logan's britches so many of us didn't make them even richer haha