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☕ on Krissy Cela
This is exactly how I imagine Krissy to be. Not only is she incredibly inarticulate (and always used to use the excuse that she's Albanian when she moved to the UK really young and has spent the majority of her life there) but I think she comes across as ridiculously fake.


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My first “hmmm” moment of Krissy was when I saw this comment she wrote in response to someone. So only two weeks ago. I thought, calm down Krissy this isn’t even false to begin with. Working out and fitness is what brought you here, as you said you’re training hundreds of thousands of women? How would that be possible if you weren’t working out like it’s your job, that’s what gives you legitimacy.



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Thank you for starting a thread on Krissy. I wrote a post on Grace's thread about how disappointed I was to find out someone as inarticulate as her was bringing out a book. This girl can't even string a coherent sentence together without making a few basic grammatical mistakes.

What bothers me about her, apart from the photoshop and rudeness to fans(something she shares with Grace), is how she constantly reinforces the toxic grind culture and boasts about how many hours a day she's working. We get it by now.

It's so tone-deaf and inconsiderate to brag about how you never take a weekend off or how you have 14-hour workdays during a pandemic, when so many people have lost their jobs or are struggling with their mental health, so they can't be productive. She's overcompensating for something, that's for sure.


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I know about women's best and Oner Active clothing but right at the start of the video when Kathryn is giving a brief overview of who Krissy is, she says there is some tea regarding Krissy's fitness app. Think it's called tone and sculpt? It's at like 0.46 minute mark in the review


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Krissy da queen of Facetuning curves

@cup56 hey girl! I believe she is referring to my blog post that apparently lots of people have been sharing. I was one of her tone and sculpt ambassadors and ended up quitting and wrote about my experience.
Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m so glad you did. It’s unfortunate that influencers think it’s okay to treat people this way just cause they have money


What’s the tea with her breakup? I hadn’t watched any of her videos for a while and then just clicked on her recent video and she mentions being single.. weren’t they engaged and worked together?


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Okay so, new to this thread but I’ve been following krissy for a while. A few months ago she put a post on ig about the fact she isn’t with jack anymore, are the together or not because I really can’t tell, they still follow eachother
I really liked her in the beginning but there's just something that doesn't sit right with me anymore. I stopped paying for the app when saffron became the ambassador. I did see that she is now a gym shark athlete and there's nothing about tone and sculpt. Does anyone know what happened with that?
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