King Gary

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If you have never seen this you have missed a comedy treat. The pilot episode and full series 1 are on BBC iPlayer. It’s really OTT but Ioved it. The best (but still crap) description I can come with is, if you like Friday Night Dinner you will love this. It’s very Essex/London, and is hilarious. 😍
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I randomly watched this a few weeks ago after stumbling upon it flicking through iPlayer. Quite enjoyed it and I do really like Tom Davis! He was in Murder in Successville which is a very weird concept of celebrity guest tries to solve a celebrity based murder 😂 weird but it’s quite funny.
The only thing that grated on me was the wife and her very over the top expressions.
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Watched all of the latest series on iplayer, loved it. Terry (Laura Checkley) is a comedy genius, love her. When she went fully dark on Gary 😂😂
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I love this show. Does anyone know if there will be a third series or another Christmas special?
Terries rendition of Gabriel’s song with the bar mat as an eye patch. So funny!
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