Kerry Conway #8 finally moved the sofas, oh the grime! Come on Pais, it’s phonics time!


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This isn’t exclusive to kerry but it’s such a pet peeve of mine. In her new what we eat video she said it’s a Little hack of hers to keep tinned fruit for when they run out of fresh.

That’s not a hack. That is what tinned fruit is for! Keeping in the cupboard for when you need it. That is it’s whole purpose! It’s not a bloody hack! 🥴🥴🥴 drives me mad When instamums shout HACK for every little thing!


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Kerry’s last post- Roma saying mamas here before she did. No you aren’t doing something right Kerry, this shows Roma has you right where she wants you and knows if she creates her mum will come running in. So no you haven’t done something right there Kerry and if you complain about it as much as she does then she should have nipped it in the bud a lot sooner.
Im conflicted about this....i feel like Kerry is really influenced by social media and parenting groups on FB and Intagram would make you believe you should be hung if you ever break eye contact with your child never mind let them cry 😂 i think she complains because shes fighting against her natural reactions to do everything by the "gentle" book. I didnt let my babies cry without responding for the first year which was my own choice but now my child is the same age as Roma and had the same bad sleeping pattern as her and i just let her cry herself to sleep for a week and now shes sleeping 12 hours a night and is ten time happier during the day now shes getting enough sleep🤷‍♀️ now im not a monster she never cried more than 20 minutes and i would have gone in after that but for some reason i even feel guilty writing it anonymously 🙈 never mind talking about it on social media but she need to realise there comes a point where something needs to give and instagram is not real life


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Another pet peeve of mine, and again she isn’t the only one (and apologies to anyone else who does this)

But calling themselves “mama”. I get it maybe for a baby just learning to talk, but why say mama when the older girls call her mummy? Maybe it is an English thing I’m missing out on though?
My daughter went straight from “dada” which she used to call me to “mummy” . Mama sounds pretentious is my opinion. Like all this cool mama crews.


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Why is her hand so wrinkly? I was just scrolling through Instagram with my coffee and came across this 😳 is her skin really that saggy? I have just looked at my hand in the exact same position and I can’t understand how it’s physically possible for your hand to look like that. Maybe it’s just me 😂
I’ve spend the last 5 minutes trying to get my hand to go saggy like her it just doesn’t not even a little literally nothing 😂


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Good god, I just clicked on their Q&A and........the state of their living room!!! They are two dirty bastards, they really are. They knew they were going to film & just left the house the way it always is - pig-stinking filthy!! The two of them must smell to high heaven ffs! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
her children's rugby clothes and greasy hair make me sick she is like she is stoned all the time wake up kerry

her children's rugby clothes and greasy hair make me sick she is like she is stoned all the time wake up kerry
Raggy clothes


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I’ve always found she dresses quite old for her age, save that picture of her and her crop top sitting on her kitchen counter. The girls, I find she dresses in very odd ways. Like she doesn’t think about how to put their outfits together but I guess they are kids so they t doesn’t really matter?

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