Keepingupwithkirstylea#3 Protein shakes, thunder thighs, Dairylea Dowling & her compulsive lies

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Why does she have so many followers
We all love a car crash 🧐🧐 I actually have no idea though. Her face to face fridays annoy me so much. It’s like she doesn’t remember what else she’s posted. In a couple of months she will post February 2020 as a chubbier face and then her recent one as a better angled slimmer face even though she’s lost fuck all weight. Such a liar


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Why doesn’t she just do some squats without holding onto the TRX ropes? Why is so reliant on them? Honestly can’t stand her gym videos, she also wasn’t even connecting with the punchbag half the time either, it’s cringey. Why did she ditch her PT?
It’s all about minimum effort with Kirsty!

Assisted squats, assisted sit ups, half hearted boxing and no increase in weights.


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Somebody has obviously told Kirsty chia seeds are good!

I am not getting the adding spinach to her protein shakes 🤷🏻‍♀️
I understand adding spinach to smoothies as it’s such a good source of nutrients and it doesn’t affect the taste/flavour but I’m not sure about protein shakes. I personally don’t understand the need for anyone who’s not lifting heavy weights 3-4hrs a day x 5 days a week to need a protein shake at all.

her body doesn’t need that much protein. She’s getting plenty of protein in her food for the level of exercise she’s doing.
If it's near anyone it's near me and the hundreds of other people who actually WORK at lewisham hospital. Did I feel the need to plaster it all over social media? No i did not because i am not a cunt 🙄🙄 bore the fuck of kirsty bore off
Exactly!!!! It’s such weird behaviour
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