Keepingupwithkirstylea #15 Dairylea and one-pump flogging Goli. Anaemic sausages? What a wally

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The sad thing is that she is only lying to herself, it’s blatantly obvious for all to see that she has actually put on more weight (as many others have this past year including myself). Her post is just full of excuses yet again & the photo from Saturday (I actually think she looks nice in the yellow dress) is a true reflection of how she looks not the posed photos she likes to take with her body twisted to make herself look thinner. I’ve said it before & will say it again, she needs to come off social media for a while, re-educate herself about healthy eating & exercise if she wants to continue to be a weight-loss account or spend the time accepting who she is, come back ditch the weight loss moniker & just enjoy life.



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“I know I’m not near my target”
“Only 2 stone away”

Which is it hun? You’re either not near or only 2 stone away
2 stone isn't gonna be enough for kirsty, realistically I don't anyone would notice a 2 stone difference on a woman of her size, especially with all the angled mirror selfies etc. Plus, if she actually stuck to it, she could lose 2 stone so easily! (Provided no underlying medical condition eg PCOS)
Just goes to show that any motivation she did have once upon a time was steered towards finding a man. I’m guilty of putting on a few lbs when in a relationship as there’s more eating out, less time for as many workouts, priorities change etc but she has just completely given up which is actually really sad.
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