Katie Snooks #2 Kathleen's still talking about her bowler hat whilst G's swinging the damn cat

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I think she should really ask herself if the content she's been spurting out lately is something she'd personally watch. Like, if one of YouTubers she follows, uploaded a vlog like one of hers, speaking in a baby voice/moaning about minute everyday things, would she watch and enjoy it?
If the answer is no, maybe she shouldn't be putting the content out to the world to see.

I think Katie's figure was similar when she was a little smaller, it's just that Katie is so tiny height-wise, any little weight she might have put on, will show more. Plus I suppose, if her sister practices belly dance every day, and the most exercise Katie had lately, was trying some old shoes on, Becky will have a nicer figure.
Looks wise, I think because Becky is more or less sticking with her natural hair colour, she looks more striking. I like that she is enhancing her curly hair as well. I think Katie's hair naturally has a nice wave to it and that if she tried using the right products, it could look really cool.
I thought katie looked really good when she was living with her 2 old friends in the gorgeous London house, i really dont like their current flat, yes it's big and apparently in a nice area ... but that's it. Anyway she looked at a healthy weight, her skin was clear, her hair washed and she wore her own style plus she was usually dressed in the day time.
Just watched Katie's new video. I'm so sorry but G is just so dull. He is such a melt. Katie is so interesting in comparison. I just don't get what she sees in him. I guess we are all looking for different things and there is someone for everyone. It reminds me of when I broke up with my ex who was a massive bastard and then I went out with a really dull, predictable bloke just so I could feel safe. I can't imagine G giving someone a good seeing to. He doesn't seem like he has it in him lol. Not that I want to imagine that. But he seems okay. Just thinks he is a bit superior and more intelligent than others based on his past comments online and very boring. Baring in mind that the footage is edited to show G at his best so that is him on top form🙄


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Why does everything need to be MasterChef this, MasterChef that? :rolleyes: Like, fair enough, I watched a fair few seasons of MC and enjoyed both the amateurs and the professionals and picked up a thing or two about cooking but I also use cookbooks, and websites for recipes, and browse through food posts on insta, and I would never behave like MC is my only source of knowledge about food.

G just tries too hard to be funny in these videos.

Can't wait for tomorrow's weekend round-ups. She barely posted anything last week, I think last Stories she did was on Friday wishing her sis a happy birthday so it looks like she had a nice long weekend off, I am sure she's been up to some exciting stuff 😬


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Speaking of Maurice, how hard is it to take 5 minutes to remove cat hair from a jumper before you film a reel?
Also I hate the whole reel. She's wearing these see through tights and the jumper looks old and shabby, and it just cheapens the boots. I know she wanted to show all boots/shoes with the same outfit but it just looks like she forgot trousers/skirt. She wants to be that "cool AF" girl (as per her shoe declutter video) but she doesn't have a clue how to style DM boots. They're wasted on her. Also, I don't personally know anyone who can afford to buy 3-4 pairs on a whim. A friend who has many pairs, bought them in sales, on eBay and in charity shops.
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Wait. The Dr Marten thing isn’t even an Ad?! Such a random thing to promote on her page 🧐
Maybe she's hoping for an AD down the line. Because you know, a person needs 20 pairs of DMs. Which person will then declutter in 6 months.

I wanted to make a booby pot and my sister made a willy pot and we all giggled about it hehehehehehehehehe. THIS FAMILY IS SO FUCKED UP.
And I thought this weekend round-up was going to be boring.
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