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I'll show you something, look what Harv....look what his done Harv.
What was she going to say Look what Harv done then she pulls up.
Why does Harvey look so nervous and worried.
What the fuck are they doing this for and filming it.
I know what I believe, what do others think.
I’ve watched the video a number of times now and I think Harvey was definitely involved somehow. Also maybe it’s just me but I cannot get my head round complete strangers who have never met the boy saying they love him and gushing about what a sweet kind nature he’s got. You my friends have only ever seen what spunky knickers has allowed you to see and if you are that bowled over by this young man there are hundreds just like him with complex needs who need help and support I know I’ve worked caring for adults and children with complex needs, maybe volunteer there are lots of places you can do this. If I have spoken out of turn here as I know many of you have children with additional needs I don’t mean any harm I just feel it’s hypocritical to post oh Harvey you make me melt, really Waynette from chavtastica let’s see you look after him alone for a week Katie has never had him by herself for a single day but she does tell that story a little bit different doesn’t she the utter lying piece of shit.
By the way if Harvey did twat cocknobber Carl fucking good on him .


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I’m a grown man , don’t get fazed by much , and I normally laugh at her ,not laughing now , it upsets me badly, special kids used to be locked away , But now the great parents out there bring them up just like any other child , and they contribute to society, Bring a lot of love into the world, I would love to show you my grandson in his school plays, or his singing loves singing, and he gets certificates every now and then for good work , that’s what I’m proud of , getting him to swear in front of everybody is not an achievement, one evil brain dead bitch,
And nobody will ever convince me otherwise

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I just can't fucking deal with all her bullshit at the minute. I cannot believe she is being given a platform to spout a constant stream of lies. Channel Bore especially should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It's beyond disgusting & wrong on so many levels. They're just making themselves look look completely ridiculous because her bullshit is so easily found everywhere.

She is insulting the endless genuine carers, disabled, those living in chronic pain, those with mental health issues, animal lovers, those who have lost loved ones to Covid, those who have lost jobs & homes through Covid, those struggling to feed their families, those who HAVE abided by Covid rules, those who are having any issues surrounding pregnancy. Driving with no license or insurance.

I can't even be arsed to list her lies because it's every fucking time her mouth moves.

She is everything that's wrong with society. I fucking despise the bitch beyond words 😡😡


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Cheers for the new thread @265 and @Jersey Girl that title is spot on ❤❤

I personally think he's punched something. I know Carwash, I know, we all said you've got a big arse and I take full responsibility for telling you to sort your no neck/no traps out but you really haven't got any and it's not a reason to hit things is it. Temper temper now poppet.

For everyone new: NO SHE IS NOT PREGNANT.


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The exploitation of Harvey in that video is plain to see - really uncomfortable viewing. It's almost like they are using Harvey as some kind of freak show - there's a fine line between exploitation and encouraging acceptance and progression for people with special needs. It is crossed here. Really sick of them.

liar liar

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What’s stopping her from moving in? She’s repeatedly said it’s bad for her mental helf which is a load a garbage

And her driving ban
It isn't her's any more - the debts against it are - mortgage, council tax, utilities, etc. She has not repaid the monthly sums which were fixed under her IVA by the court whereby should would only pay back around 40% of her debts anyway. She now owes around £2.5mil - mostly to HMRC, accountants and solicitors. She just thinks they will write it all off if she waits long enough. Never mind the smaller amounts owed to local businesses. She is an utter disgrace. My husband was contacted by HMRC last year and told he owed them over £2,000. This was pretty funny as they had recently refunded him this amount after receiving his accounts from his accountant. He was given one month to pay or fines would be levied, bailiffs may be employed. £2,000 for a normal working bloke and they are gonna come after him. £2,500,000 at least £900k of which is owed to HMRC and they aren't fucking bovvered! She should be in a debtors' prison like in Victorian times. She had 6 different holidays/breaks last year - we had none like most people on here.


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Pissing meself laughing reading up on posts,I’ve been abit unwell.👀nahh had awful fall at home cut head open,two hossies I went to,fabulous treatment,we honestly do have best health service in the world.🙏
so had very bad fall,blood everywhere from head,holding tissues to me bonce...I knocked on my upstairs neighbour lovely lady,she gave me cloth,looked at said fuck it I’m calling ambulance,long story short taken to me local hossie,again love,y treatment had a c scan,transferred on recomendation fromdoctor to Royal London for stitches..he said they are top notches for that.well,had 50 stitches in me head..obviously more story to back 9 am yesterday morning from Wednesday..totally knackered worried about my poor Dave the puss but he was fine..Oh well tried to read yesterday when I came back home but.l thought fuck you cunt you have never experienced shit.🙁 sorry if I don’t make sense..I’m al black eyed woman at the moment..oh fuck..anyway .......


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For all the good it will do I have just emailed Steph’s crap lunch -

I have just read this comment in the sun newspaper regarding the interview with Katie price and her daughter about teen pressure and social media and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly ; Unbelievable, what about you the pressure of the endless teasing her daughter must get about the por n video, the law breaking and the lying this woman is responsible for? Let alone the fact she put her out on the internet from practically day 1 and constantly uses her for her own financial gain!
How can the producer justify allowing Katie Price, who is in the news daily for seemingly driving whilst banned, encouraging her children to swear on camera, swindling naive customers with low standard internet purchases, owing hundreds of thousands of pounds which she has an upcoming court case for airtime to possibly influence teenagers? I can’t think of a more unsuitable person for the job? As for internet misuse she constantly has her camera in the face of Harvey who due to his lack of understanding could not possibly give consent to the number of scripted videos and photographs where he appears to be naked. I work in television myself and am at a loss as to how she is not scrutinised as generally we have to be so careful around mental health issues.
I would be grateful of an explanation as I’m sure I won’t be the first to complain due to her high media exposure currently.


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i apologise for this rant,
I have spoken and seen posts on here from many people who have special children, people have opened their hearts up on here, the struggles, but luckily enough they all turn out good, with love,
I am old enough to remember the time when these people were called nasty names, put in homes and hidden away from society, But they are special, Treat them normal because they are but different, my grandson has downs, a nicer man now,you couldn’t meet, Harvey is special, he is not a performing animal , and it breaks my heart,
Going off topic , My hero David Bowie , his son a successful movie director(anyone seen moon? )
Said he was not interested in his dads music,
you go to work for your kids, want them to do better, she just uses them ,no pride in what they could achieve all mini me, sorry tattlers,
Makes my blood boil , you know where I coming from x


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Just had a double shot of rum. I'm going in Tattler chums. 'Stephs Crap Lunch' is starting...

1. Skanley Flaps is in the studio so must have got some mug to drive her. Resplendent with freshly dried, Shake and Vac and Fabreezed wig on her head looking really smug.

2. No sign of 'Edward Scissor Hands'/snapped off fingers Clearblue Cole.

3. Steph 'She's one of the countrys most famous mums'. Think she meant 'infamous'?

4. Steph is now talking about people making 'death threats' and 'threats' on social media! Skankey is sat there all smug. Fucking hell, to find out the inside track why not interview your own 'roving reporter?' Absolutely unbelievable. Does this show do no research????

5. Gets even more surreal. Steph is now asking Pwicey about her experience of online threats. The cheeky cow is now being all sanctimonious. She's now crapping on about her 4 kidnap threats. 'Even Coles had it for going out with me, he should be shot dead'. Personally I'd struggle to argue with that as he threatened to beat me up.

6. Pwicey 'no one should be harrassed'.

7. LMFAO. 'No one has ever followed through with a death threat to me'. Has she actually go a brain cell?

8. She's now thinking about starting a petition on this?!

9. She's now talking about how much time she spends with her children? 'Lockdown is manic as I've got the 5 kids in the house?' Err, 2 go to school 2 hours away and two live with PA and go to school by his house. BTW, where do 7 of you sleep in a 3 bedroom semi?

10. 'I'm quite close to my kids and now I realise how intense their school work is'. From someone who moaned about having to buy pens and paper for J & P, Emily had to help Junior fill in his college application and we've seen lots of videos of Kieran homeschooling Jett and Bunny. None of KP.

11. 'We make decisions with a family chat with all the kids?????' No words.

12. 'The way I've been brought up I try and make someone happy everyday'. What about the people you owe money to, people you've scammed, trolled and bullied, plenty of evidence of the contrary, I wonder is there another women in the UK with 4 restraining orders for threatening behaviour?

13. Video now of her interviewing her own daughter, Princess! Scraping the barrel Steph? BTW, Pwicey looks rough as buggery in the VT.

14. Princess is so inarticulate. Every other word is 'like'. Slags of social media but is all over it! Has any other 13 year old been banned twice by TikTok for inappropriate behaviour?

15. Loads of lip licking and slapping going on. Now going on about the South Africa hijacking.

16. 'Ive not said I'm pregant but I've not said I'm not'. Fuck off you deceitful tramp. No one other than that looney Bunny Cuddles and your moronic fans who you are ripping off give a rats arse.

17. Apparently she's put on 2 stone in weight during the current lockdown. Must be all those takeaways, free Sheesh and Prep Kitchen meals you and Clearblue Cole beg. He's got a big fat face and lardy arse as well because of all the shite they eat.

18. Think she's gone now. No sign of Clearblue.

I'm going for some more rum and a laydown.

I thank you!


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Welcome to #27 - Thank you Jersey Girl for this cracking and very apt suggestion.
There was another corker earlier but I'm buggered if I can find

Previous Thread -

The Latest in world of Katie Price is that her bloke had a little accident, well that's what is being reported but we all know it's BOLLOCKS!

Sadly Katie has dragged Harvey into the mix.

Why are they always saying to him “what do you think Harv” they’re always fucking coaching the kid what to say ffs. Just let Harvey be, you stinking cum monkey bitch. I don’t believe this story for 1 second first of all as many other tattlers have stated , you can’t have someone with you in A&E atm unless they are a minor. Then why can’t it just be a broken hand why does it have to be broken in 3 places ? Next thing she will be telling us he has had to have metal plates and nuts and bolts and screws in there hang on why not stick a shelf up on it aswell. Fucking idiots , I know it’s Sunday n my potty mouth is terrible but this dirty pair of skid marks bring it out in me. Everything is a lie or a deflection. Harvey needs to be taken away from her she’s a danger to him. If he was responsible for Plank of Woods injury then you can bet he’s not going to let Harvey get away with that in the quiet.

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I leave you all for the day & it's gorn feckin mental 😳.
How will all the kids be getting to school tomorrow if nobody can drive? 🤔
I don't believe for 1 minute he's sustained that injury with a dumbbell.
I don't believe she was at the hospital all night with him. Because it wouldn't be allowed with Covid. And who was looking after the kids if she was?
That video clip is raising warning flags.

The census.... bloody hell, took forever! Serves me right for having so many kids 🤣


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The exploitation of Harvey in that video is plain to see - really uncomfortable viewing. It's almost like they are using Harvey as some kind of freak show - there's a fine line between exploitation and encouraging acceptance and progression for people with special needs. It is crossed here. Really sick of them.
It's awful. I don't personally think H has caused this injury, just my opinion, but I do think he maybe saw or knows what happened and that's why the poor lad looks worried, and doesn't want to say the wrong thing. Why would you even post your disabled sons reaction to this at all, even if he was involved, it's just horrible, she should be protecting him FFS! 🤬
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