Jordan Lipscombe #2 Blackfishing fool, boyfriend’s a tool, doesn’t have mates, bought a dog to look cool

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Sorry but this is legit the worst make up I've ever seen.

What is she even doing a full face of make up for? Jake to come home from work and unwind? Or is that her standard "I need to suck Jake off after work" look?

She would be way more relatable if she just sat down, bare faced, with a brew and got real with her followers.


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And she has on a ful face everyday for what ... she doesn’t even go out even without a pandemic since she claims to have no friends like I’d be so bored doing nothing consistently
Do you think jake ever comes home to her and thinks, what the fuck?

Now he's in recruitment he will be surrounded by professional women wearing professional/business attire (which is sexy imo) with nice make up.

Then he'll come home to his girlfriend wearing clown make up and a jumper that says "hentai" like "hey jake what's the crack?" 😂


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I know this might be rude but I can’t imagine her being a mother. She seems really weird idk. Yk how you can see people as parents when they grow up but I can’t imagine her raising a child properly

So she has a 5 bedroom house w many different colours and decorations yet she chooses to film in front of a doorknob and pampas grass ... right 😂😂😂

Her makeup use to be bomb affffff back in the day wtf is this peach shit she looks like she needs scraping
Yeah she has a video on her YouTube about her new dog. She got loads of negative comments about the treatment of the dog breed etc. Jake uploaded a photo on his Instagram and the comments are the same there. In the YouTube video, Jordan shows a clip of the dog being hit with a batton whilst "being trained"
That is how security dogs are trained. For example if a burglar entered the home or someone approached the dog in the street it is there to protect the owner and not cower to being hit. It’s a well know training tactic it’s not cruel. How do you think police and military dogs are trained? With fluffy toys and snuggles.
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