Joe Wicks #9 For those who can’t see through his act, you can buy his Bodycoach app

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I can’t help but think he shows a lot less of Marley because he doesn’t perform or excel like Indie does, he’s just a normal kid. I always feel sorry for Marley as he’s such a gorgeous little boy but Joe acts like he dislikes him - his favouritism towards indie is so clear.

I think he was under the misguided impression that because Indie was a ‘good’ baby, Marley would be the same ie Sleep, weaning etc! He fails to see how wonderful his son actually is, and being different to Indie is what makes Marley, Marley. But it seems like he wanted another Indie - another kid who would perform for the camera, and do the funny face constantly! He’s an awful parent, and he does nothing but complain when Marley is going to through a hard time and how it’s affecting him, and that he’s losing sleep and is frustrated and stressed
Absolutely chuffed to see gin ton didn't fuck off alongside 2020 👀

Also deeply suspicious about where Rosie and Marley are. If they're not around (which the stories imply) anyone shocked lockdown rules don't apply to the Wicks Household?

Cant wait for Indie to rebel against Joe's parenting. Poor little mite. And a bit weird how he has her in the gym when he's working out.

What if Marley isn't like his sister and can't count/repeat phrases at that age 😭 he gets left out enough already!


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I’m not sure if this old but I’m guessing it’s all the eggs he’s been eating 😂😂😂😂
i’m more concerned about the hot air he spouts from his mouth. Talks absolute shite about mental health, well-being and exercise. The man is a dangerous attention seeking narcissist. There is literally nothing he will not do for attention.
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