Joe Sugg/Dianne Buswell

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I like Joe and Dianne, though do not blindly love everything they do like a misguided minion...just think some of the commentary feels like criticism for the sake of it.
I enjoy reading the Alfie thread and agree with lots of the comments but even when it is a thread about someone I am not a fan of, I sometimes feel the same way.
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Same. I really like them together, but not interested in buying tickets to their tour etc. I’m happy for them both and their successes.
I realise I'm going to be in the minority here but I quite like Joe and Dianne. I wouldn't have gone to see their show. I don't think Joe was the best dancer but he was a lot better than I thought he was going to be (his ballroom, I didn't love all of his latin). I don't really see an issue with them having a dance around the kitchen but maybe that's because if I was going out with a professional dancer I'd want to do the same.

I don't think that they look less healthy than they used to, I actually think Dianne looks better than she did a few months ago when people on here were concerned about her weight. Just my opinion though.
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I know this isn't a rave thread, but after seeing Joe singing to Ottilie in Zoe's vlog (I genuinely thought they were playing a kids CD in the car haha) and then seeing him surprise Dianne as a Elf on the Shelf in her vlog, I just think we need more people in this world with his kind of youthful energy and silliness. There, I've said my bit.
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